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Working in close collaboration with our customer, Optec, certified by US Conec® as an approved manufacturer to provide fully-customized fiber assemblies using the MDC® connector for carrier or data center applications.


• The MDC® is a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) dual ferrule connector manufactured with proven 1.25mm ferrule technology used in industry standard LC connectors

• Multiple MDC® patchcords can be plugged into a single transceiver enabled by port breakout architectures.

• QSP-DD/ OSFP = 4x MDC® patchcords

• SFP-DD = 2x MDC® patchcords

• Push-pull boot for connector insertion and extraction

• Simple polarity reversal with no exposed fibers

• For cable OD up to 2.0mm

• MM, SM and SM APC available

• Ganged options available for ease of deployment

• 3x fiber cabling density over LC

Our products are manufactured under stringent quality control process, from material inspection, fiber stripping, polishing to end-face geometry control. We dedicated every contribution to the production of the highest quality assemblies for your network. 

For more information, please contact our professional sales team at

*MDC® is a trademark of US Conec.


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